Blooming Boxes

What is a "Blooming Box"? It is a shadow box frame containing paper flowers arranged in a fun shape with a quote on the front of the glass. You can buy them as a kit to make at home or come to one of our workshops and make one with a friend. No experience necessary. Paper flower templates are cut for you and all you have to do is roll them and arrange them in the shadow box.

Design Options

We have over 25 designs to choose from with lots of quote variations so there is something for everyone!

We will do our best to accommodate special color requests.

Blooming Box- Cactus.jpg
Blooming Box- Pineapple.jpg
Blooming Box- Star.jpg
Blooming Box- Sunshine.jpg
Blooming Box- Moon.jpg
Blooming Box- Ohio.jpg
Blooming Box- House.jpg
Blooming Box- Paw Print.jpg
Blooming Box- Flower.jpg
Blooming Box- Sailboat- come sail away w
Wine- wine helps me adult.JPG
Blooming Box- Owl- It's Owl Right.JPG
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- summer breeze a
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- life is better
Blooming Box- Butterfly- Spread your win
Blooming Box- Lion- Name.JPG
Blooming Box- Apple- little minds.JPG
Blooming Box- Shamrock- Blessed & Lucky.
Blooming Box- Egg- Happy Easter.jpg
Blooming Box- Santa Hat.jpg
Blooming Box- Cupcake- Name.JPG
Blooming Box- Tree.jpg
Blooming Box- Wreath.jpg
Blooming Box- Snowflake.jpg

Design Variations- Additional Quote Options

Here are some additional quotes you can choose from for the various designs.

Sun- there is sunshine in my soul.jpg
Sun- Hello Sunshine.jpg
Sun- Bring on the Sun.jpg
Sun- Soak up the sun.jpg
Sun- Shine Bright.JPG
Cactus- prickly but sweet.jpg
Star- name.jpg
Star- Shine like the stars.jpg
Star- twinkle twinkle little star.jpg
Star- All Star.jpg
Star- shine.jpg
Paw Print- life is better with a cat.jpg
Paw Print- stay paw-sitive.jpg
Paw Print- life is better with a dog.jpg
Paw Print- think pawsitive.jpg
Flower- bloom where you are planted.JPG
Flower- where flowers bloom so does hope
Flower- live life in full bloom circle.J
Flower- let your dreams bloom.JPG
Flower- bloom and grow.JPG
Heart- forever you are my love.JPG
Heart- hello love.JPG
Heart- I love you more everyday.JPG
Heart- follow your heart.JPG
Heart- All You need is love.JPG
Heart- be kind be brave.JPG
Heart- Best Mom.JPG
Heart- all of me loves all of you.JPG
Heart- KIND heart FIERCE mind BRAVE spir
Heart- rise shine and sparkle.JPG
Heart- believe in your dreams.JPG
House- there's no place like home.JPG
House- home is wherever I'm with you.JPG
House- bless this home and all who enter
House- bless this home.JPG
House- home sweet home.JPG
Shamrock- irish blessings.JPG
Shamrock- Lucky.JPG
Shamrock- Lucky in Love.JPG
Shamrock- kiss me I'm Irish.JPG
Shamrock- Irish.JPG
Shamrock- Irish today hungover tomorrow.
Shamrock- eat drink & be Irish.JPG
Shamrock- Happy St Patricks Day.JPG
Shamrock- Blessed & Lucky.JPG
Egg- Easter Blessings.JPG
Wine- Time to Wine Down.JPG
Egg- He is Risen.JPG
Wine- wine a little laugh a lot.JPG
Wine- Mama needs some wine.JPG
Wine- age gets better with wine.JPG
Wine- it is always wine o clock.JPG
Blooming Box- Sailboat- set sail.JPG
Blooming Box- Sailboat- name.JPG
Blooming Box- Sailboat- anchors away.JPG
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- I was made for
Blooming Box- Sailboat- anchor.JPG
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- the palm trees
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- sea you at the
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- the beach is ca
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- take me to the
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- life is better
Blooming Box- Palm Tree- gone to the bea
Blooming Box- Owl- Owl You Need is Love.
Blooming Box- Owl- Night Owl.JPG
Blooming Box- Owl- Owl Always Love You.J
Blooming Box- Owl- name.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Brave and Strong.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Roar.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Mighty & Brave.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Hakuna Matata.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Be Brave.JPG
Blooming Box- Lion- Be Brave Little One.
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- yes way vacay.J
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- vacay mode.JPG
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- take me to the
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- summer is in th
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- I was made for
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- lazy days.JPG
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- sea you at the
Blooming Box- Butterfly- Cancer Ribbon.J
Blooming Box- Flip Flop- gone to the bea
Blooming Box- Butterfly- Social Butterfl
Blooming Box- Butterfly- Butterfly Kisse
Blooming Box- Butterfly- name.JPG
Blooming Box- Apple- students are the re
Blooming Box- Apple- live love teach.JPG
Blooming Box- Apple- teach love inspire.
Blooming Box- Apple- name.JPG
Blooming Box- Cupcake- sweet.JPG
Blooming Box- Cupcake- LIfe is what you
Blooming Box- Cupcake- life is sweet.JPG
Blooming Box- Cupcake- Name.JPG
Blooming Box- Cupcake- love and cupcakes
Blooming Box- Cupcake- Happy Birthday.JP
Blooming Box- Cupcake- bake someone happ
Blooming Box- Cupcake- bakers gonna bake
Blooming Box- Cupcake- grandmas.JPG

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