Corporate Creativity

Bringing Creativity into the Workplace

Live, Love and Create Corporate Creativity sessions help enhance problem solving, relieve stress, promote self-expression and provide opportunities to connect with teammates and co-workers.
We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your team and business.
We will partner with you to create a memorable and fun experience for your employees.


Team Building

Bring associates together from a team or across multiple functions to collaborate on a project. Promotes creative thinking and team camaraderie. Can also incorporate brainstorming exercises to generate break-through business ideas.

Team Event Activities

Make a project at your next team meeting or holiday party. A great way for associates to relieve stress, express creativity and connect with their co-workers.

Elective Employee Activities

Offer classes for your employees to take during lunch or after work. Provides a great opportunity for employees to step away from their desk and be creative during the workday.

Corporate Creativity Example:

Team Building with

the Akron RubberDucks Staff

I conducted a corporate team building and brainstorming event at the Akron RubberDucks organization. We brainstormed about their target customer. Then the staff was tasked with a "Maker Challenge" to create something that would appeal to or be useful to a Mom. They were required to use whatever 3 supplies they were assigned, but could utilize any other supplies they wanted. The winning team crafted a "purse pal" that clips inside of your purse to hold your phone so you don't lose it (supplies assigned: yarn, string, glitter). Everyone had a fun time and did a great job thinking outside the box and being creative! (though they were not a big fan of the glitter)


Corporate Creativity Example: Smuckers Pet R&D Team Event

The Pet R&D Team at Smuckers made coasters and picture frames as part of their year-end appreciations event. They had a great time and their projects looked awesome!


Corporate Creativity Example: Akron Children's Hospital Team Retreat

The Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation Team at Akron Children's Hospital participated in a creative team-building event as part of their annual team retreat. They created customized string art creations that incorporated their top four personal values with a symbol they chose to represent themselves. They had a great time creating together. It was so great to see how all the boards were unique and personalized to each team member!


Corporate Creativity Example: Smuckers Lunchtime Craft Workshop

We offered a private workshop for the employees at Smuckers on Valentine's Day.  They had a great time crafting Blooming Boxes and custom picture frames during their lunch hour.


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