Time to Get Organized!

What's better than having a fun night out crafting with friends and coming home with something cute that will help you get your house in order? We have several different sized boxes that will help you stylishly organize everything from your toilet paper to your party supplies to your lost socks. Check out all the options below and look for an "Organizer Box" workshop for your chance to create your own!


Mini Square Box

(a.k.a. "Solo Cup Holder")

This mini box is so cute and is the perfect solution to hold the plastic cups at your parties. There is even a hole to put your marker so people can write their names on their cups!

Don't have a need for a party cup holder? How about using it for a notepad and pen? Or to store loose change? It would be the perfect "catch all" for small things like ponytail holders or paperclips. Or a great option for guys to keep their wallets, phones, car keys, etc. 

Can't decide? You're in luck... their is an option to make it dual purpose!! Choose one phrase on the front and a second phrase on the back. So you can keep it on your counter all year long with a notepad and pen and simply flip it around when you have a party to put your cups in! 

Box measures 5.75" square by 3.5" high. Fits a standard 16 or 18 oz plastic cup. You choose the color to paint or stain the box as well as the color for the words at the workshop. Markers and cups not included.

Long Tray

This tray is just the right size to hold 3 pint-sized mason jars, which will make organizing easy. It's great for corralling knives, forks and spoons. Or without the jars, it can hold napkins and salt & pepper shakers on your table. 

It also makes a cute bathroom caddy for toothbrushes or other bathroom essentials. Add up to 3 initials so your kiddos can keep their toothbrushes organized.

This tray is also good for holding mail or organizing pens & pencils or art supplies.

Tray measures 12" x 5.5". You choose the paint or stain colors in the workshop.

Medium Square Box

(a.k.a. Utensil Box)

This box is the perfect size for holding  napkins and cutlery or just napkins for entertaining or everyday use.

The square box perfectly fits two pint-sized and two quart-sized mason jars, which are great for holding cooking utensils.

Don't do a lot of cooking or entertaining? Here are some of the many other things you could use this box for:

Store books on your nightstand or in kids room

Keep all your lost socks

Hold diapers on changing table

Box measures 8.5" square by 5.5" high. Does not come with mason jars. You choose the paint or stain colors for the box and words in the workshop.

Large Rectangle Box

(a.k.a. Toilet Paper Holder)

This box fits on the top of your toilet tank and is the perfect way to store extra rolls of toilet paper. It will also fit a square tissue box.

But if that's not what you need, this box is great for organizing SO much more, such as:...

Lost socks (lots of them!)



Paper plates, napkins and cutlery for a party

Bathroom supplies

Cookbooks and cooking utensils

Diapers or baby supplies in the nursery

Box measures 16" wide, 7" deep and 5.5" high. You choose the paint or stain colors for the box and the words in the workshop so it will look perfect in your home.


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