Create a special sign for Mom personalized with the year her first child was born. Add baby or child's handprints or footprints in the heart. (Note: heart will fit the footprints of an infant or handprints of a toddler. Older kids can put their handprints on either side of the sign). For multiple kids, there is space on either end for additional handprints. Kit includes everything you need to make it!


Kit includes:

  • 1 wood sign (24" x 7")
  • 1 stencil personalized with Mom's "established date"
  • paint colors of your choice for sign, words and handprints/footprints
  • tools needed to paint and assemble
  • detailed instructions


For an additional charge, we will paint the sign for you and all you need to do is add the handprints/footprints!

DIY Kit- Mom sign